We danced with Tio Choko to the Rodeo

Every once in a while you get a project that’s just fun. One where being silly is the point and nothing is too wacky to try out. That’s what we got with  a new social media video for METRO with YouTube star Tio Choko.  The spot is part of METRO’s “Rope a Ride to the Rodeo” campaign encouraging people to ride METRO to the rodeo. Of course, having fun on set is predicated by being prepared and doing all the right pre-production and planning. We used a Panasonic GH5s on a Ronin S rig to capture Tio Choko’s fluid dance moves across three different METRO train platforms. We shot in 4K to allow us room to reposition and reframe in post. When you laugh spontaneously in editing, you know you have the right take! Sometimes adjusting a shot by just a few frames makes it even funnier. A big thanks to METRO for bringing the funny on this one.

Ever since meeting Tio Choko we’ve been trying to get Everett to grow a big mustache! In the meantime, check out the video.

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