Values and Value

Who are we?

You can tell a lot about a business just by walking through the door. Our house feels laid back. Laid back in the “we’ve been at this for a long time and we really know what we’re doing” way.

The tropical colors invite you in. The walls are hung with sea life sculptures by Mike Quinn, Caribbean folk art by Jamaica Manning, amazing water images on canvas by our still photographer Mary Herrmann.

Grab a drink and head on back, past the fish tank. You can edit in Kevin or Marco’s post-production suites, confer on your animation in Mike’s room or go to work in our studio.

But, what you don’t see immediately are the intangibles, the things that become apparent in the work we do for you. We want to do things that we’re proud of, so sometimes we can be our toughest critics.

In a time when everybody has a camera and a laptop edit program, we elevate the projects we are a part of because of our experience and our dedication to do the best.

We’re always thinking ahead for you. Can this training footage be used in marketing if it’s shot this way?

We live by our ethics, even if it goes against our interests.

And we never, ever betray a confidence.

At South Coast, our values and the value we add to your projects are part of the same house.


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