Our staff has the experience and expertise to make your production truly outstanding.

Everett Gorel – Director / Cinematographer / President

As a Brown University graduate, Everett produced films on the East Coast for seven years before returning home to open South Coast . He’s been awarded national grants for various film projects, serves on advisory boards for college film and video departments, and is a Silver Council member of the Telly Awards. Having shot and directed hundreds of commercials, documentaries, and corporate programs, there’s little that leaves here without his imprint. A loyal client following indicates an awareness of his talents as both a director and “people person”.

Michael Bell – Production Manager

Since 1975 Michael Bell has been making his mark on the Houston area. As a newborn, he had very few marketable skills, but this staff bio page is full of seasoned dates and he likes to fit in. He too has been active in computers since 1980, when at 5 he played around with a Speak-and-Spell. Remember those? Michael Bell does. He saw Robocop 2 on cable, since at the time he was too young to go to R-rated movies. Active in the Houston production community since 2001, Michael worked for 7 years as an HD Camera Technician, being trained and educated by some of the industry’s top engineers. He’s worked as a freelance Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, and Producer, and joined South Coast in 2014. As Production Manager, Michael believes that customer service and kindness are as important as technical knowledge when it comes to doing the job right, and he hopes you’ll give him a call if you need anything.

Bill Brauer – Producer / Writer

As an award-winning writer, producer, and director, Bill deftly uses creativity and innovation to solve communications design challenges. With over 30 years experience creating programs that are both entertaining and informative, Bill collaborates with clients on a strategic level to help them use media as a business tool. He has extensive experience working in large corporations, specializing in training, advertising, marketing, public relations, multimedia design and live event production. Did we mention painting, cooking or “tennis anyone?”

Mary Herrmann – Photographer

Labeling Mary Herrmann “a food photographer” doesn’t quite tell the whole story. As the youngest sister in a family of 15, Mary received her first cooking lessons about the same time most of us got our first tricycles. Though she still loves to cook, her photographic artistry reflects a keen understanding of food and beverage presentation, as well. That understanding began to take shape early in her career while assisting other photographers with diverse projects, but the maturation of Mary’s own individual style is defined by her studio work over the past 25 years. In this controlled environment, she’s fine-tuned her natural talent and affinity for tabletop photography. Clients like Sysco, Igloo, Applebee’s, Quaker State, Minute-Maid, and Hard Rock Cafe have relied upon Mary’s “eye” to capture their products with her unique and fun presentation style. In addition to her life as a still photographer, Mary finds time for yoga, water sports, organic gardening and large four legged animals.

Fatimah DuCros – Office Manager

In addition to her everyday workload, South Coast’s Office Manager generally ends up being the Mom to our strange family. Fatimah fits right in since she’s already a Mom to a teenage boy- perfect training to handle the unruly South Coast boys! She used that nurturing instinct as the curator for popular Houston restaurant The Breakfast Klub’s “Artist of the Month” program, where she gave many local artists their first showcase. That experience led Fatimah to found Gardenuity- a community garden project that brings people together through gardening and art. So with a penchant for nurturing humans and artists, along with a green thumb, we’re hoping our projects will bloom for many seasons to come.

Marco DuBose – Senior Editor

Rhythm, Style, Energy, The Cut… Tools of the trade. Marco has spent a career sharpening those tools and developing an editing philosophy- a philosophy based on pictures telling stories and editors listening. He has blazed a trail on some ground-breaking projects: early work for MTV, Apple Computer’s first multimedia shows and helping develop the “Info-tainment” genre. Today, the digital world brings new possibilities to the edit suite, but through it all, Marco has never lost sight of the Zen heart of editing: vision.

Kevin Vinther – Avid Editor

From the moment he discovered he could actually study video production in college, Kevin was attracted to the power of editing in crafting a story. Active in computers since 1980, Kevin developed a passion for integrating the mechanical precision of technology with the humanity of communicating a vision. Having honed his editorial skills over the last twenty five years, Kevin is quick and creative. But equally important, clients appreciate the laid-back and fresh approach Kevin brings to each project.

Mike Ribble – Producer / Animation / Graphics

Throughout his career spanning over twenty-five years, Mike has worked as an animation and VFX artist on everything from stereoscopic 3D animation to feature films such as RoboCop 2. With a proven eye for motion design and VFX, Mike has a broad knowledge of media delivery and a reputation for integrating emerging technologies in new and creative ways. Coupled with his right-brain artistic sensibilities, Mike’s left-brain project management skills and enthusiastic demeanor combine for just the right mix of fun, productivity and dependable follow-through.


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