South Coast was the first production company in our region to jump into HD production and post-production. That was 12 years ago. In those 12 years, we’ve already gone through an intense learning curve about how to get HD right. Our clients benefit from that knowledge and experience. To see our HD Demo, go here.

For us there’s no going back. Although all of our edit suites can edit in standard def as well as HD, the vast majority of the work we do is in HD. Even for corporate clients, HD is the better option; longer shelf life, the ability to create broadcast projects from footage as well as go up in size for, say, tradeshows.

So the new digital world… What does that really mean, and how does it affect the price of sushi in Japan? Well, it means that having lived on the bleeding edge of technology for a while now, we’ve learned what works, what hurts, and how to make sure that you, our clients, are best served and protected from potential pitfalls.

  • Our HD cameras are tapeless. For camera package details and pricing information, go here. They record onto solid state media devices, which have to be downloaded. If we’re editing for you, then the cards come back to our editors who download the media. If you are editing some place else, we can provide a hard drive, field X-fer, or a variety of X-fer formats back at the ranch. If you would rather do the X-fer yourself, then it’s your responsibility to bring some method for downloading your media. In this circumstance, we never erase the media until you confirm that you’ve backed up your video (preferably in two places).
  • At South Coast, all digital footage and project media is backed up in three different places. Media on our 38 TB server gets backed up to 2 different archives – one of which is kept off-site – for an extra layer of project protection. We prefer having both belt and suspenders for your safety and ours as well.

Those are just a few things you will need to know. Contact us to find out more or give us a call!


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