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South Coast Film & Video is a Houston, Texas-based full service HDTV production company. We were established in 1980, so we must be doing something right. We love what we do and we’re still learning new stuff every day.

All of our services, from project management to final post-production, are covered on this website, but here are some intangibles that help define us:

  • We possess technical excellence that only a lifetime of looking at, thinking about and making moving pictures can produce.
  • We pride ourselves in honesty above reproach. It’s just good business, and it’s nice to be able to sleep at night.
  • We always expect more from ourselves than anyone else will.
  • We’re a very nimble staff of 9, and everybody does double duty. Our President is also a pretty fair Director/ DP (don’t take our word for it, see the Camera demo). Our Producer is also an award-winning writer.You get the picture. For more info on each of us, go here.
  • We work hard but we work smart, too. That’s why we spend the up-front time with you so that our budget proposals are detailed, accurate and without surprises.
  • We are always advising our clients of the multi-tasking possibilities of the footage we generate. Footage from a training program, with enough planning, can be used in a broadcast spot. The finished program will likely have a life on the web. Rarely is there only one use for the video we shoot.
  • Finally, we’re not new to any of this business. Whatever it is, it’s likely not our first rodeo, as they say. Eight arguing ad agency people? Overcame it. Camera shuts down due to 100% humidity in Papua New Guinea? Dealt with it. Working in minus 55 degrees on Alaska’s north slope? Got great footage, no frostbite.


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